Fighters Like Roberto Abreu’s BJJ Tournament Preparation Tips

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There are a lot of ways you can prepare for a tournament, and it usually depends on personal routine, but that doesn’t mean it will always be effective. Every popular fighter has its own preparation method. It starts way before the tournament, but on that day, there are certain things you have to think about. Everything is important from what you eat to what worm up routine you will take.

You can invest a lot of time in your training, but if you are not focused before a match, there is a big chance you won’t win. Fighters like Roberto Abreu also called cyborg has his own method that works for him which is proven by many achievements he has. When you work on it, after some time you won’t even think about it, it will come naturally.

Nutrition Tips

What you eat a couple of days before the tournament matters, not only on that day. You can’t change what you intake at the moment because a small change in your metabolism can affect you. It is obvious that our body doesn’t like an adaptation process. It’s a long process you need to think about months in advance.

There are many tips on the internet that sound like a shortcut, but it can only backfire on you. If you have a bad eating routine, stick to it, and change it after the competition. Cutting down weight can be a very hard thing and it shouldn’t be done like most professionals are doing. Supplements can help you but in the long term, so it isn’t recommended just before the tournament. Read more here.

Strategy Tips

Something that can help you a lot to focus is to work on your strategy and not thinking about anything else. Watch your opponents and try to visualize the situation versus them. This can help you when you are really in that situation, you will think faster and make a better move.

The strategy also depends on the trainer and we know most of them, it just depends on what they prefer. It is important that the coach knows you really well in order to give you great advice. You know your body the best, so analyze your strengths and use them.

Always Warm Up Properly

Maybe the most important thing is that you properly and thoroughly warm up. It isn’t unusual that the time your match starts gets delayed. The situation may differ and sometimes the delay can last up to 1 hour which will surely affect your routine. You don’t have to do everything you do in your training class, it is important that you get your body moving.

The worst thing to happen is to overstretch muscles, that way you won’t be ready for the match. When they call your name you will still have enough time to warm up better and prepare yourself. They will first call out the names for the next fight which gives you 5 to 10 minutes.

Mental Attitude

When you realize that the tournament is only the result of your training you will be more relaxed. Even if it is tough, you should have fun like in every other sport. After you realize that the next step is to focus on what needs to be done. There are many awkward routines people have, but one of the most common is listening to music.

When you put your headphones on and listen to your favorite song, you won’t think about anything and it will help you focus a lot. If you are still a little bit nervous, don’t mind it, it can be good because you will have more strength when you are nervous.


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