Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center Launches New Service

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is advancing efforts to attract foreign companies and develop a more business-friendly environment by attracting talent, information and investment from around the world to Tokyo using the special economic zone system of the national government.As a part of these efforts, the TMG and the national government established the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center this April. The center unifies the procedures that foreign companies and start-ups need to complete to establish a business. Through personalized service provided by staff knowledgeable in administrative procedures and experts, the center helps to facilitate the prompt completion of various filing procedures required when starting a business, including those for company registration, taxes, social security, and immigration. In addition to these services, certification of articles of incorporation for establishing a company by a notary will be launched as a new service in October 1, 2015. The new service will enable the troublesome filing procedure to be undertaken more quickly and easily.

Additional facilities located on the same floor are also available to assist. Bilingual consultants at the Business Development Center TOKYO help to match foreign companies seeking to expand their business into Tokyo with business partners and handle inquiries on life in Tokyo. In addition, the Tokyo Employment Consultation Center has also been established here to assist foreign companies that have just started doing business in Tokyo by helping them accurately understand Japanese employment rules, thus supporting the smooth development of business.

Many business opportunities exist in Tokyo as it evolves in preparation for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The time is right to advance into Tokyo. Tokyo invites companies looking to start a business here to utilize these services.

Please visit the following website for details on the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center and other facilities.

Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center:
Tel: +81-3-3582-8352


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