“Showa Candy Shop” Registers 2 Million Downloads Heart-Warming Simulation Game Now Available in Korean

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GAGEX Co., Ltd. of Tokyo has released the Korean-language version of “Showa Candy Shop,” a popular heart-warming simulation game, on App Store and Google Play. The Korean version follows previously published versions such as the complex Chinese, simplified Chinese and English versions in addition to the original Japanese version._prw_OI1ic_J6Q36C79Initially released in August 2014, Showa Candy Shop has registered 2 million downloads. Unfolding against the backdrop of a little candy shop conjuring up nostalgic feelings among those born and raised in the Showa era (1926-1989), the simulation game evokes mixed feelings of anticipation, guilt, warmth, friendship and being back in the good old days of childhood that are forever gone. Please enjoy any of those language versions that are appropriately tailored to suit your needs.

About the Product
Title: Showa Candy Shop
Genre: Heart-warming simulation game
OS: iOS and Android
Fee: Free of charge
Copyright: (C) GAGEX Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Developed by 2D Fantasista
Contact: pub@gagex.co.jp

About GAGEX Co., Ltd.
GAGEX Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Kensuke Imura) is a game publisher launched in 2011. The company has staffers with rich experiences in content production. With “Have Fun for Next 100 Years” as company motto, GAGEX aspires to provide the safe contents of superb quality.


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