Best 5 Roof Design Ideas For Modern Homes

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If you think that roofs are completely functional then you are wrong. Innovative roof-design adds a great beauty to your house’s overall appeal. This is not a recent concept but it is getting believed since ages. This is the very reason that most homeowners try to get the best roof-style for boosting the curb appeal of their home.

Butterfly design

Almost everyone from the modern era has a dream of having a good wing-shaped roof design. In most of the cases, multiple properties are covered by these roofs. Two roof-surfaces are found to get sloped down in exactly opposite directions to create a wing-like impression. It feels that your house is just about to fly. This unique roofing-design will give a unique appeal to your house and you will also feel great about your property look.

Japanese-style roofing


Mighty angular roof-shapes are really very fascinating and they are being cast by two strongest mono pitch sections. Far-East feel has been now added to this design by adding a special touch of palm-trees swaying down and timber cladding.


Image result for Sloping-in-style

This style is ideal for sloping roofs. Sloping-roofs are usually found at extremely rainy or snowy regions so that the water can easily drain out without any hassles. This style adds a perfect charm to your house. In the year 1964, David Levitt is the original inventor of this specific design for giving a great surprise to his partner Roger Rigby. Since then this style has become the most fantastic and classic representation of steep slope featured with a dynamically sloping roof.

Fantasy design

Are you dreaming of staying in a fantasy world? Well, then this is the time when you should choose fantasy design for your house-roofs. Having dragon on roof-top will make you remind of farmhouses during the 19th century. The roofing has been completed nicely with tower-like appeal along with spherical segments. By looking at the houses you will surely feel that the house has just stepped out of your favourite storybook.

Thatch finishing

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Thatched roofing always creates a great combination of the excellent brick cladding. This combo leads to the creation of a vintage cottage-design. But these houses need to be protected against fire as thatch has been used out here. At least within 6m of this house, there should be no other houses. Low eaves are highly complimented by Steep pitches and on the other hand, building charm can be enhanced by adding dormer windows.

These are the five top-most roof-designs ruling over the market recently. If you are looking for more inspired roof-designs then you have to get in touch of an expert roof-designer. It is not always necessary to replace the existing roof rather it can be transformed as well. In fact, transformation can enable you to save a lot of money. It is your hired roof-designer who will decide that whether the transformation is possible or not. If the transformation is not possible then you have to go for a complete replacement. You can now even get the privilege of choosing a combination of both contemporary and traditional styles.


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