Advertise A Brand Or Make A Statement Using The Plastic Packs

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In the good old days, wicker baskets were used to carry the purchased items. In modern times, Customers depend on a variety of plastic or paper containers. These lightweight packs can carry a wide range of goods. In addition, the printed carrier bags are an effective advertising platform. Artwork, logos, and interesting messages are imprinted on these bags to attract public attention and promote a brand.

  • Shoppers and supermarket visitors purchase a variety of articles. They need reliable packages to carry items like clothes, shoes, gifts, and novelties.
  • Plastic and paper are the ideal materials for crafting the carrier bags. They are light in weight but sturdy enough to hold the purchased goods.
  • Retailers use patch handle, varigauge, and vest style bags. The buyers also check out with clip close, flexiloop, and grip seal containers.
  • The ecology friendly biodegradable bags are also quite popular. Other carrier packs include drawstring bags, duffle, brown paper packs, and mailing bags with handles.
  • Business can advertise their logos and messages on these bags. Colourful prints with large sized lettering and brand images create visual impact.
  • Bland, white polythene or paper bags come alive with colour and text. Flexographic and lithographic techniques also assure very high quality.

Crafting Methods

A wide variety of printed carrier bags are manufactured in bulk by experts. They can also be custom crafted for special products or occasions. The traditional, modern, and hybrid packs can all be printed with logos and letters. The designers use a wide range of innovative methods in lithography, flexography, and screen printing. Popular retail brands get displayed on these plastic pouches in a stunning and spectacular manner.

  • Luxury stores have high-end products and they depend on commercial printing while traditional plastic bags had hand-pressed, ink-plated images.
  • There is no one single right or correct pressing or printing method. The customer’s requirement and the number of copies determines the specific choice.
  • Commercial printers are characterised by graphic colours. Flexography uses rubber printing plates, while lithography relies on flat, planographic plates.
  • The ink, colouring plates are fixed to press rollers using strong adhesives. The plastic sheets are run through these presses to imprint brands and messages.
  • Custom screen printers fasten the individual bags to a flat platen. Then they lower a metal screen onto the bag and push the ink using a squeegee.
  • Portable inkjet printers are also used for plastic bag lettering. They are more suited for numbering and marking rather than graphic images.
  • Both manual and automated methods depend on a standard colour palette. Mixing the Pantone Matching System(PMS) colours can create unique corporate logos.

Plastic packs and paper pouches are very convenient for carrying goods. Retailers send off customers with a smile and high quality printed carrier bags. These hand-held containers are strong, flexible and highly stylised. Adding lettering and brand logos gives these bags a distinctive look. Colourful graphics and text are marked on the packs using screen or inkjet printers. They advertise branded products and send out a strong message to the buyers.


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